ZOMG! Tweetie for Mac Updated to Address Twitter API Changes

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Tweetie for MacBelieve it or not, Atebits has released an update to Tweetie (version 1.2.8), the company’s Twitter client for the Mac. The update is intended to keep Tweetie from breaking when Twitter rolls out some upcoming changes in the service’s Application programming Interface (API). It also fixes a few bugs and improves security for the client. There is also a new option to update your iChat status when you post from Tweetie.

The changelog for the update:

  • Twitter will make API changes on August 16th that break old versions of Tweetie for Mac. This update keeps the tweets flowing.
  • Fixes oAuth bug that affected a handful of users.
  • Increased security around your account.
  • Disable posting to image hosts using the deprecated authentication method.
  • Registration no longer needed. Section removed.
  • In accordance with the Twitter Terms of Service, on July 1st Fusion Ads will no longer be displayed.
  • Tweets no longer say they’re from “Twitter for iPhone,” but instead “Tweetie for Mac.”
  • An option in “advanced” to update your iChat status when you tweet.
  • Improved Magic Mouse support.

The update is free to registered users. Tweetie comes in two version, a free version that is ad-supported, and a US$19.95 version free of ads. It is unclear if Twitter’s Terms of Service changes will have an impact on the free version of Tweetie.

You can download the update from the Atebits Web site, or get it in-client by launching Tweetie.



Ads removed, but I liked these ads, :(


Me too. They were something I missed about Tweetie when I switched to Nambu (which is a million times better once you get used to it, by the way). They had software and things that interested mac users and were unobtrusive. And I’m sure the dev made boatloads on them wink

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