zsCompare 3.0 Offers New File Synchronization Options

Zizasoft on Friday released zsCompare 3.0, a new version of its file synchronization utility that allows users to compare text between Microsoft Word and PDF documents as well as directly edit file contents from the results. Other changes include more control over performing comparisons and the ability to directly modify file names, attributes, and timestamps from the results.

In addition, zsCompare offers new directory comparison features for creating and comparing snapshots of a file system and creating and applying patch files, which allow users to store just the differences between two files or directories. Patch files save hard drive space and can be easily sent to remote users.

This is a free upgrade for registered users. zsCompare comes in three versions: Professional (US$199.95), Standard ($99.95), and Lite ($35). The developer offers a chart explaining the differences between the three. Mac OS X v10.3 is required.