Zuckerberg Green Lights Facebook App for iPad

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Facebook CEP Mark Zuckerberg has apparently had a change of heart and decided the iPad is a mobile device after all because his social networking company has begun work on a native app for Apple’s multimedia tablet.

Facebook for iPad... soonFacebook: Coming to an iPad near you

The iPad-native Facebook app has been in development for some time, according to the New York Times, and should be available in the next few weeks. Insider sources claim the app lets users read and post on Facebook, participate in Facebook chats, and will include photo and video upload support.

Releasing an iPad-native Facebook app marks a departure from Mr. Zuckerburg’s earlier stance that the tablet isn’t really a mobile device. During a press conference in November 2010 Mr. Zuckerberg claimed that was the reason only an iPhone app was available, and that he wasn’t interested in developing a native app for the iPad.

Word of the alleged iPad-native app comes fresh on the heels of a report that Facebook has plans to develop its own App Store-like service to compete with Apple. The project, dubbed Spartan, will deliver HTML 5-based Web apps and games to iPhone and iPad users wrapped in a Facebook shell running in Mobile Safari.

Facebook’s iPad app will be free and will be distributed through Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.

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Lee Dronick

Probably because the stats show a lot of access from iPads.


Talk about an app that is long overdue. iPad 2 came out and STILL there was no native FB app. What have they been waiting for, iPad 3?


What’s wrong with using the web site on iPad? Serious question. I’d think with the iPad’s big screen it would be fine. I even occasionally use it on my Android, although the itty-bitty screen makes it a chore.

Think they’ll make a Mac app for Lion, too?

Lee Dronick

What?s wrong with using the web site on iPad? Serious question.

I use Safari on my iPad to access Facebook. From my perspective there is a small downside and that is I can not use the Better Facebook extension like I do with OSX’s Safari. That means a lot of Facebook things that I don’t want to see are not filtered out.

Furthermore I am stuck with the asinine feature on Facebook where pressing a return posts a comment instead adding a new line, Better Facebook fixes that. You can do a Shift-Return combination to add a new line, but it shouldn’t be that way. Zuckerberg! Put back the submit button and make Return add a new line. Also go back to college and take some interface design courses, also maybe go on a Vision Quest or two.


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