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RE: CES Rebrands iLounge Pavilion as iProducts, Hopes to Attract Macworld Expo Exhibitors

"The company said it was changing the name from the iLounge Pavilion to the iProducts Marketplace." Not according to the Press Release I found on the CES page (and oddly, not linked to by you). Titled, "iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 Accessories to Debut at iLounge’s iProducts Marketplace at the 2015 CES" it says, "The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® today announced that a newly-curated and sold-out version of the successful iLounge Pavilion will debut as the iProducts Marketplace at the 2015 International CES." So the name looks like it will be the "iLounge’s iProducts Marketplace". Awkward. Even more…

RE: The Mac Web Will Be a Poorer Place without Macworld/iWorld

"If we actually had a critical thinking tech press " I've said for years that the Mac media are complicit in the failure of Macworld Expo to become better and thrive post-Apple. By not publicly (while doing so privately and often) examining the failures of IDG's path and what "Macworld Expo Means", they allowed IDG to continue down a road there was no coming back from. IDG bears the lion's share of the blame for not being able to make the Expo a success in the past 5 years but the Mac Media bears its fair share of the responsibility.

RE: Macworld/iWorld Going on 'Hiatus,' No Show for 2015

"the guy running MacWorld at the time told SJ to bugger off..." "The guy" is Paul Kent and I don't know where you are getting your information from but it's incorrect. Paul Kent has told many of us in the media, both publicly on the record and privately off the record with a beer in his hand that Apple never asked IDG to move the dates of the show. "the staff had to work through Christmas" Apple employees "work through Christmas" regardless.

RE: Macworld/iWorld Going on 'Hiatus,' No Show for 2015

Lee, I agree Apple "no longer needed the show" but IDg's handling of the show in the aftermath of Apple leaving is what killed the show. Mishandled on any number of levels. As to "Apple no longer needed the show", I have always maintained that, even if Apple didn't need the show, they still should have attended. The Mac Community as represented at Macworld Expos are what kept the company alive at its lowest point and I've always felt Apple owed at least some allegiance to those users.

RE: Macworld/iWorld Going on 'Hiatus,' No Show for 2015

"The internet brought the demise of the show." No, it didn't. It was over the day Apple announced they were leaving and IDG wasn’t ready for it.

RE: How to Become a Better Photographer

I tell students in my class, "I can give you Ansel Adams' camera and put you in the exact location he took his shots. I *guarantee* your images won't come out like his." smile

RE: Google Camera Saves The World...From Vertical Video

Always great when others "who know better" try and dictate how their lessers should do things like take pictures. How wonderfully patriarchal of you.

RE: Rock Center's Tim Cook Interview Appears on YouTube

Could someone teach Jeff how to embed Youtube video in a post? Thanks.

RE: Apple Reportedly Moving to Smaller iOS “Micro-Dock”

I wonder if this rumor is coming out of that European ruling about standard chargers for phones.
No - it's coming out of nothing more substantial than the originating rumor site saying, "We?ve heard that Apple is getting ready to..." Thin evidence for the Mac Web to lose their collective minds over this lame rumor but also completely typical of the Mac Web.

RE: If Only Selling High Tech Were Easy

"Jim Dalrymple pointed this..." You might want to check your grammar *and* your attributions. smile