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Satechi Aluminum Wireless Headphones: Very Much Worth the Price

4:45 PM, May. 10th, 2016 · John Martellaro · In-Depth Review

Satechi Aluminim Wireless Headphones

The Satechi Aluminum Wireless on-ear headphones are moderately priced yet feature rich. While midrange and not for the perfectionist audiophile, features include enhanced bass, Bluetooth or wired operation, audio playback control buttons, three crisp aluminum colors, and a separately available stand that doubles as a USB 3 hub. John Martellaro liked them a lot—except for one negative.

The Biggest Challenge for the Apple Car

5:15 PM, May. 9th, 2016 · John Martellaro · Link

The challenges of an Apple Car

Is it better for Apple to learn from Tesla over the next few years, avoiding its mistakes? Can Apple outdo Tesla at its own game? Can Apple's robot technology save the day? Or will Tesla have the long-range electric car market so wrapped up that Apple will find it hard to grow into the market?  And Apple needs a Next Big Thing growth product. It's all in Particle Debris page 2.

TMO Background Mode: Interview With PJC Sr. Research Analyst Gene Munster

2:45 PM, May. 9th, 2016 · John Martellaro · Background Mode Podcast

Background Mode Podcast

Gene Munster is a Senior Research Analyst at Piper Jaffray, an investment bank in Minneapolis. One of his assignments is to research Apple and provide investment reports to clients. We started the show with Gene filling us in on his early life, and how he was obsessed with business. The youngest of four boys who were all technically oriented, Gene tells how technology and mathematics were a big part of growing up. In the second half of the show, Gene talks about how he does his job and the daily life of an analyst who also covers Google. We finish with his insights into the iPhone, Apple Watch and even the rumored Apple Car. Don't miss the part when I spring the question on Gene about how he came to believe Apple would build a TV set.

Hulu Is Going to Launch What Was Denied to Apple: A Cable-like Internet Subscription Service

5:00 PM, May. 4th, 2016 · John Martellaro · John Martellaro's Blog

Apple's Video Plan ... is What?

Apple has struggled to become a major player in the delivery of video entertainment. Unlike music, Apple has run into a complex, sophisticated industry that connects studios, networks, and carriers. Now, it appears that Hulu is going to do what Apple wanted to do but could not. It punctuates the question: what should Apple really be trying to do for customers?

Apple’s Tim Cook is Playing a Very Smart Game With Apple Watch

3:30 PM, May. 3rd, 2016 · John Martellaro · Analysis

Apple's Watch Strategy

The scuttlebutt on the internet is that the Apple Watch isn't selling very well. Add to that the voices of some people who haven't taken a liking to the Apple Watch, and one might fall into the trap of thinking that it's a failure.  But it isn't, and Apple's wise choice to not reveal sales numbers and roll it out slowly is turning out to be incredibly clever. John Martellaro explains.

Comcast Talks About Terabyte Data Caps & More

5:45 PM, May. 2nd, 2016 · John Martellaro · Link

Comcast Talks Data Caps

Comcast Executive Vice President of Consumer Services Marcien Jenckes has posted a note about the emerging company philosophy regarding data caps. In a company announcement, he wrote: "We have learned that our customers want the peace of mind to stream, surf, game, download, or do whatever they want online. So, we have created a new data plan that is so high that most of our customers will never have to think about how much data they use...."  That turns out to be a trial one terabyte in selected cities, and no promises were made about the future. But it appears the company is ready to put onerous data caps in the past. It's all on page 2 of Particle Debris.

TMO Background Mode: Interview With Intel Fellow Dr. Bruce Horn

3:00 PM, May. 2nd, 2016 · John Martellaro · Background Mode Podcast

Background Mode Podcast

Bruce Horn started his career at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center working with the Smalltalk language and Alan Kay. That's where he was in the early 1980s when Steve Jobs visited PARC to take a look at their Xerox Star, and Bruce was there watching Mr. Jobs react to the demo of this magical research computer with revolutionary new features: a mouse, windows and file icons. Soon after, Mr. Jobs recruited Bruce to work on the original Macintosh team along with Andy Hertzfeld and others. I asked Bruce to talk about the challenges of designing the original Mac operating system. Later in the show, we talk about some exciting projects that Bruce is working on at Intel. Take a trip down Macintosh memory lane with me in this interview.