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RE: Elgato Eve, an App for Controlling Smart Devices

jltnol: Thanks for the heads up. I tried Indigo (Mac) a while ago and it was more finicky and geeky than I like. It would be fun if I didn't have work to do, but I'm looking for a solution that works right out of the box (or App Store as the case may be.)

RE: Smart Products Made Smarter Together

Thanks, Carl & Ralph. I've been researching this stuff for months and I appreciate the feedback. I wish there were more cool products to recommend at this juncture, but I expect that once Apple introduces its app for HomeKit control, things will get better.

RE: Tools for Writers: Ulysses

Jacob: I know. I've used many text editors before, and while there is probably a better one for programmers, Ulysses offers the best combination of features -- especially seamless Mac-to-iPad-and-back syncing-- for the kinds of writing I do.

RE: Tools for Writers: Ulysses

Evansb2: So far the syncing has been flawless, Markdown and all.

RE: Tools for Writers: Ulysses

Dear Eolake, Yes. You're right -- I did mean technical books. But I have only ever written technical books, so it never occurred to me that Ulysses might be ideal for novels. If I were going to write a novel, I'd probably write it in Ulysses (though I'd want to look at Scrivener again before deciding).

RE: Tools for Writers: Ulysses

That's true... I probably should have said something about styles and templates... I may write more about it another time, but for now, I agree with laROQUE: It's a joy to work with and I like it a lot better than Word.

RE: iPhone SE: Is Less the New More?

geoduck: Here's my 2ยข: I think you're right... My guess is that they're selling like hotcakes all over the world. It's the least expensive iPhone ever and the perfect size for many' hands. I suspect they're selling like even hotter cakes in China. So I'm not surprised that they're backordered. If this were anyone but Apple, I'd suspect it was a ploy to force some buyers to consider more expensive models rather than waiting. But I don't believe Apple is that duplicitous; I think they just plain underestimated demand.

RE: The Never-ending Story: Gifts for Dads & Grads 2016 (Part I)

I only wear them when I walk in my neighborhood with my dog. And, since they're the on-the-ear (not over-the-ear or in-the-ear) headphones, I hear outside sounds clearly as long as the volume level isn't outrageous.

RE: The Internet of Things is Really a Thing in Germany

ibuck: My impression was that everyone is working toward a common goal over in Europe, the goal being Industry 4.0, which relies on self-aware, connected devices with AI for analyzing data and making decisions. I don't know much about the state of heavy industry here in the US where the Internet of Things is concerned, so I can't really say if Germany/Europe is ahead of us. What I saw was what appears to be a lot of "coop-etition" among companies large and small, with the backing of both federal and state governments. And I felt like very few big companies…