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Use the π Symbol on Your iPhone on Pi Day

11:06 AM, Mar. 14th, 2016 · Dave Hamilton · TMO Quick Tip

Today is Pi Day. While some people might say that Tau is more relevant than Pi, it's still Pi Day. With that in mind, you may want to wish your friends a happy Pi Day. And while that's cool, it's even cooler to wish them a Happy π Day (OK, well, it may or may not be cooler to do this, but it's definitely geekier!). We'll show you how to get the π symbol by adding a Greek keyboard to your iPhone.

Sponsor: AirWatch, Simplify Enterprise Mobility

9:00 AM, Mar. 9th, 2016 · Dave Hamilton · Weekly Sponsorship

This week, The Mac Observer is sponsored by VMware AirWatch. AirWatch is a platform that makes it easy for you to access all your work apps and information from your personal mobile device (yes, folks, that means your iPhone, too!). Visit today to learn how easy it will be for your business to get started with a 30-day free trial and then let AirWatch take care of the rest!

Guide to Who Holds The Decryption Keys for 16 Cloud and Backup Services

11:35 AM, Mar. 4th, 2016 · Dave Hamilton · Dave Hamilton's Blog


As many people are now learning, simply knowing that something is encrypted is not enough. Encryption, like security, exists on a continuum that runs between safety and convenience, and it's important to know where on that continuum your data – and cloud providers – lie. The largest factor in determining the relative security of your encrypted data is knowing who has access to the decryption keys (i.e. who is able to decrypt it... and when?). We made a list to help you out.

Monitor Your Podcast Recordings With Audio Hijack 3’s Low Latency Mode

1:45 PM, Mar. 2nd, 2016 · Dave Hamilton · How-To

Rogue Amoeba has added a hidden feature to Audio Hijack 3.2.3 that allows users to monitor themselves with no perceptible delay while recording. This is particularly useful for podcasters, as it allows them to record "live-to-tape" while hearing exactly what their listeners will hear. We'll show you how to enable and make use of this new mode.

Mac App Store Apps May Not Launch Until Ethernet Fix is Applied

2:09 PM, Feb. 29th, 2016 · Dave Hamilton · TMO Quick Tip

If you launch an app you got from the Mac App Store and are greeted with an error dialog that says, "An unexpected error occurred while signing in. Your device or computer could not be verified. Contact support for assistance," you need to apply Apple's Ethernet-related fix regardless of whether or not you intend upon using Ethernet on your Mac.

Find Your Promised and Provisioned Comcast Internet Speeds

1:57 PM, Feb. 11th, 2016 · Dave Hamilton · Cool Stuff Found

Comcast customers are used to seeing items on their bills like "Performance Pro" and "Blast 105" for Internet service, but it's difficult to find out what speeds are advertised with those services. Even more difficult is finding out what Comcast actually provisions your cable modem to allow. Thankfully the folks at DSLReports keep a chart updated with precisely this information. For example, Blast 105 is currently advertised as 105 Mbps down, 10 Mbps up, but modems with this service are provisioned for 131.25 Mbps down and 12.5 Mbps up. Check out the chart for everything.

How To Limit Facebook’s iPhone Background Battery Usage

12:59 PM, Dec. 22nd, 2015 · Dave Hamilton · How-To

The Facebook app is a notorious iPhone battery eater and, despite some attention and updates aimed at solving this problem, it remains so to this day. While it’s simple enough to just remove the Facebook app and access the site in Safari, this leads to missing out on Notifications, Live Photos and other features. Good news: it’s possible to have your cake and eat it, too, with a little bit of understanding and effort.