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RE: How to Upgrade Your Mac to Python 3

Nice summary, John! One tip: if you want total flexibility in terms of what version of python---and which packages---you have installed, check out [virtualenv]( and [virtualenvwrapper](, which create sandboxed environments for python projects.

RE: Apple's 'Making the All-New Mac Pro' Video Is a Must-Watch

> "Note, BTW, how Apple polishes the aluminum tube that is the outer case to a mirror-like finish before it then primers it and paints it matte black." I haven't seen one in person yet, and they don't say anything on the site, but if I know Johnny, it's annodized, not painted. That means that the surface you see before it comes out black *is* the polished aluminum surface that you saw before, just in a different color. I don't know a lot about anodizing, but maybe that blue goop is a solution with the anodizing dye? Does anyone understand…

RE: iPad: Five Things I Didn’t Expect

I had expected to use the iPad more for reviewing manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals, which come in pdf format, and which I consistently do every week. Opening them up in Doc Anywhere, which seems to render pdfs better than Docs to Go, at least in my experience, and then switching back and forth to write the review in either Docs to Go or Pages is awkward. It is simply faster on my MBP, as is uploading the review onto journal?s website.
Wab-- I can heartily recommend Papers, which is like iTunes for research PDFs. Integrated PubMed search, services…

RE: A Luddite Reacts to iPhone 4

Location-based apps aren?t useful to you because you don?t go to many unfamiliar places but a drawback to the phone is that you can?t pop a new sim card when you travel to unfamiliar places?
We go abroad about once per year. I'd love to be able to swap out a SIM card to turn an iPhone into an emergency phone while traveling. But I'm not constantly on the road, not constantly looking for a restaurant nearby. --RS TMO

RE: U.S. Chamber Chastises Apple CEO for "Forfeiting Opportunity" on Climate Change

How do you generate electricity with wind when it isn?t windy? Or with solar when it isn?t sunny, or at night? Do demand patterns match the winds and the intensity of the sun? One possible solution is batteries, which have always been extremely environmentally friendly. Just kidding, they are anything but. Coal, natural gas, and nuclear will necessarily be the backbone of electricity production, regardless of cap and trade.
Bosco -- On this point, you're absolutely right. Grid stability and energy storage are two of the big (but not the only!) unsolved issues with renewable power. Unless and…

RE: U.S. Chamber Chastises Apple CEO for "Forfeiting Opportunity" on Climate Change

The reason that we continue to literally move mountains to extract coal is because doing so is the least expensive, most reliable way of producing electricity for these regions
Bosco-- Well, I have to bite back on this one. grin Fossil fuels are the least expensive energy source because they are heavily subsidized, albeit indirectly. Coal mining companies don't have to pay for the health, tourism, and real estate costs of dumping mountain tops into rivers. Power plant operators don't need to pay to put the carbon they emit back into the ground, or for the health problems…

RE: U.S. Chamber Chastises Apple CEO for "Forfeiting Opportunity" on Climate Change

Bryan, Google Bastiat on broken windows, then get back to us on compelling evidence of this being good economic policy. I?ll give you the short version. Destroying wealth to ?create jobs? makes us poorer.
Careful, Bosco -- This is tricky. I'll put my chips down with Bryan on this: sustainability ultimately makes its practitioners wealthier. Here's how I read Bastiat into the debate on green jobs: Part 1 of sustainability is conservation, or reducing waste and inefficiency, which isn't destroying wealth. Quite to the contrary, conservation -- higher efficiency engines, better insulation, passive solar building design --…