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RE: iPad mini In Depth: Thin, Light & Charming

John, you said: "In portrait mode, the size of the virtual keys is barely adequate." My mileage varies somewhat on this. I actually LIKE the virtual keyboard in portrait mode. Perhaps I have smaller hands than you, but I find it quite natural to type with both hands, using my thumbs to type and the rest of my hands to hold the mini. Perhaps a novel might be daunting this way, but I find it quite handy for typing emails and short documents. Other than that, I think I agree with you on just about every point. The iPad Mini…

RE: The Trouble with iOS 6's Passbook App

I've tried the 2D barcodes at two retailers so far: Walgreens and Best Buy. At Walgreens, the Passbook pass works like a charm. At Best Buy, on the other hand, it doesn't work at fact, the cashier there told me "We get these all the time and none of them work." It really comes down to how new the retailer's barcode scanners are, and what technology they're using. The newer matrix scanners seem to be able to read either the 2D or the barcode without any problems, but the single-line scanners can almost never read them.

RE: The Trouble with iOS 6's Passbook App

*facepalm* Sorry, Ted, I guess I didn't pay attention to whom the author was for this article! I think I might have just read John's article, and thought he wrote this one, too. Terribly sorry!

RE: The Trouble with iOS 6's Passbook App

There is a site that may help Passbook users. I found out about it early into my own struggles with Passbook, and it allowed me to create Passbook cards for Best Buy and Petsmart. Granted, I haven't tested the Passbook cards yet, but the site also links to all of the official Passbook cards & apps. is worth a look, if you want to use Passbook. I agree, John, Apple really dropped the ball on this app. They not only dropped it, but I think they punted it into the middle of an alligator-infested swamp.

RE: Braven 625s: a BT Speaker for Braving the Outdoors

GizmoDan, I'm not sure what you mean...the price is right there at the bottom of the review. And yes, 3 watts,'s a very small speaker, as is expected from something so small and lightweight. We're not talking concert speakers here...we're talking something the have when you're in your backyard barbecuing, or at a campsite.

RE: iPad Case From iGear Unlimited is One-of-a-Kind

I've also tested out the iGear Unlimited iPad case. It's a good, quality case and iGear's printing process yields a beautiful case (assuming you follow their directions and use images at least 300dpi.) On my case, I created a collage of pictures of my children, most of which I took with my iPhone. I found that I had to resample the images from 150dpi up to 300dpi, but most of the images came out crisp and clean during the printing process. The hinged lid is nice, as are the slots to hold the iPad's position. I found, though, that the…

RE: Digging Deep into iWork Document Sharing in Mountain Lion
That support article doesn't explain how to convince iBooks to look in a user's iCloud storage for a PDF. Have you actually tried this and gotten it to work? If so, please post the steps you took in achieving this. If not...

RE: Install the Command Line C Compilers in OS X Lion

I have to PAY Apple A HUNDRED BUCKS to use GCC?
I haven't tried, but it looks like you can install gcc from instead.

RE: CCleaner for Mac Clears Files, But with Rough Edges

removing Ccleaner from a mac?
Removing CCleaner won't revert permissions. Once permissions are changed, that's that. To uninstall CCleaner, dragging the application icon to the Trash should do the trick, unless the user doesn't have Administrative access to the machine.

RE: Gemini: The Duplicate Finder Helps Reduce Clutter

As a followup, the developer emailed me today. An update to Gemini is in the works, which adds the ability to work with multiple folders as well as exclude particular paths, files, and extensions. MacPaw hopes to submit the update on Wednesday, April 4, 2012. Then it's a matter of waiting for Apple to approve the update and push it out.