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RE: White iPhone 4G Pics Hit the Web

This is off topic, but will the new iPhone use a 4G network?? Or is ?4G? being used to describe it as a 4th Generation?
No one knows if the 4th iPhone will be a 4G network iPhone or not. Signs and speculation also point to the iPhone finally getting unshackled from AT&T in the US, so we might finally have a choice of others like Sprint, Verizon, or possibly even T-Mobile.

RE: Now How About Macworld Expo 2011?

Right on Dave. Jacqui said she heard from some vendors who didn't have booths this year and ended up regretting it after seeing great attendance on Thursday and Friday. Other vendors who had booths didn't hesitate to say they're coming back next year. I look forward to a great Macworld Expo 2011!

RE: Bring Back the iTunes Shopping Cart!

I have a bunch of songs in my shopping cart awaiting the next iTunes gift card or spur-of-the-moment purchase mood.? And I would hate to lose it all due to this mindless removal of functionality.
All items in your shopping cart get converted to your Wish List when upgrading to version 9. You won't lose anything. But if you wanted to be doubly careful, you could select everything in your Shopping Cart and drag it to a new playlist. This creates a sort of local backup on your Mac.

RE: Bring Back the iTunes Shopping Cart!

Another reason I think this change happened is because of a very important UI shift that came to the store. There is now a very obvious contextual menu item for each piece of media in the store?it houses not just a link for adding something to the Wish List, but it exposes the user to all the different things you can do to it. You can tell a friend, copy the iTunes URL, gift it, or share it on Facebook or Twitter?and you don't have to click through to an item to get to those links. The more I bum…

RE: Bring Back the iTunes Shopping Cart!

I have to respectfully disagree with this entire article. I hated how the Shopping Cart worked, it was an all-or-nothing affair. You could turn it on, but then ALL of your purchases had to go into the Shopping Cart, forcing a second step for EVERY purchase from then on. Or you could turn it off, and you were forced to purchase everything immediately. Now you have that choice with each purchase, which is The Way It Should Be?. The Wish List is also quite accessible no matter where you are in the store from the drop-down menu under your account…