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iOS: A Guide to Guided Access

8:25 AM, Jun. 17th, 2013 · Jared Apperson · How-To

The iPad is a great device for kids, for both education and entertainment. But sometimes a toddler and and iPad don't mix! You can keep your iPad kid-friendly with the built in Guided Access feature. Jared Apperson shows you how.

OS X: Secrets of the Archive Utility

11:35 AM, Jun. 5th, 2013 · Jared Apperson · TMO Quick Tip

Buried in the bowels of your Mac’s operating system are a handful of utilities that you may (or may not) take for granted. One such utility, the Archive Utility, has a slew of customizable features. Jared Apperson is brave enough to dive in and see what's there, and he's happy to take us along.