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RE: Subscription Pricing Isn't as Evil as You Think It Is

With Adobe CC I am pushed to the latest version regardless of whether or not that is what is best for me. Maybe some new feature brings my older computer to a crawl, with a subscription I cannot go back to an older version.

While you make a good point about the subscription model in general, when it comes to Adobe specifically, you can indeed download several older versions of the apps at any time. Currently, users can go back as far as CS6, which was the version in place when the switch to Creative Cloud occurred, and you…

RE: Here's the Little-Known Way to Reposition Your OS X Dock With Just a Click

Please tell me it’s possible to LOCK the dock in position, preferably along the bottom of the screen.

Great question! We just published a tip that discusses exactly how to do that. Check it out here.

RE: How to See What's Killing Your iPhone Battery

Somehow, somehow, I knew this article would appear today when I saw that Tweet.

RE: Obama Calls for Net Neutrality, GOP Attacks Plan as 'Obamacare for Internet'

I wonder if this is one of those issues that is so clearly perverse that it makes those who are otherwise supporters of Senator Cruz pause and think "If he so grossly mischaracterized this issue, what else is he lying about?" Then again, the Senator's (and Tea Party's) most ardent supporters likely won't seek any reasoned rebuttal, and even if they do, are conditioned to distrust it. Anyway, nice job, Bryan.

RE: At What Point Does Apple Stop Building Retail Stores in the U.S.?

They can stop when they open one in Erie, PA.

RE: A User's Joyful Reaction to Apple's Late 2013 21.5-inch iMac

John, don’t spend that much on Apple’s SuperDrive. It is truly overpriced. If you need something really sleek, try this Samsung USB 2.0 DVD-RW for $34 (I know, the dreaded Samsung - just keep it in a drawer when you’re not using it).

If you can’t stand the thought of a Samsung product, there’s an AmazonBasics model for $30, although it has an average rating one star lower than the Samsung.

RE: LandingZone Dock for Retina MacBook Pro - USB, Ethernet, Lock, HDMI, Thunderbolt

Isn’t it a tad bulky to be left on a rMBP all the time?
It's not, it acts more like a docking station. So you leave the device on your desk, with your desktop monitor, keyboard and mouse, and storage devices all plugged in, and then when you get home you "dock" your MacBook to the device. So this is something that's meant to stay on your desk.

RE: LandingZone Dock for Retina MacBook Pro - USB, Ethernet, Lock, HDMI, Thunderbolt

This looks really awesome, but I’m very confused by the product description. On the company’s website, it shows the output port on the dock as “Mini DisplayPort,” which we’ve seen in similar docks. It’s compatible with the Thunderbolt port on new Macs (as Thunderbolt passes DisplayPort video and audio), but DisplayPort won’t pass Thunderbolt data for storage peripherals. You’d need a Thunderbolt controller on the dock to do that, and most products like this don’t include one to save on costs.

So it’s odd that the website’s diagram clearly shows Thunderbolt hard drives attached to the port, but…

RE: How to Combine Multiple PDFs Using Preview

Sigh... I'll get these links to work one of these days. Try this: Link to video