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RE: iOS 8: Make Cellular Phone Calls from Your iPad Using Handoff

Graham, I believe that will come with iOS 8.1.

RE: Apple TV Gets Beats Channel, Family Sharing

Only the third-gen Apple TV gets the new interface and Beats app. The second-gen device gets updated, but with no new features I can see. I believe this is the first time the "2" has gotten left behind after an update. I'll admit to being surprised by that -- I didn't think the two devices were different enough under the hood to make that much of a difference. I haven't yet seen whether or not peer-to-peer AirPlay works.

RE: Goodbye to Macworld, but Not to Those Who Made it Great

That's a great question, domsin -- I'll see what I can dig up and will try to post a follow-up article.

RE: Chuck La Tournous, Ted Landau and more talk AppleAannouncements on The MacJury

@mhikl That's a wonderfully thoughtful response -- thanks so much for taking the time to share it! Hopefully, we'll reconvene to talk about the Apple Watch when it comes out.

RE: Chuck La Tournous, Ted Landau and more talk AppleAannouncements on The MacJury

Thanks, mhikl -- we had a great time doing it. I'd love to hear your feedback.

RE: Hidden Users Folder Result of iTunes 11.2 and Find My Mac Combination, not 10.9.3

Great detective work, Dave! Until this is fixed, rather than the terminal fix, which as you say needs to be done after each restart, I just make an alias of my Users folder and put it in the same folder. For those who may not know how to do that, here's how it's done: In the Finder, go to the Go menu and choose "Go to Folder..." Type "/Users" (without the quotes) and hit Go. You'll see the Users folder (greyed out). Right click on it and choose "Make Alias." You'll be promoted for your password, and once you enter…

RE: AUUG Motion Synth - The Virtual Cello From Apple's 'Powerful' Ad

Great find, Kelly -- I've been wondering about that! --Chuck

RE: Parallels Access 1.1 offers improved networking, enhanced Windows support and more

Hi, geoduck -- I felt the same way as you until I tried Parallels Access. The "apply" approach goes far beyond anything I've ever seen on traditional VNC clients, turning desktop apps into what actually feels like native iPad apps. Believe it or not, this is *nothing* like RDP and I think you have to try it to appreciate it. I don't understand what you mean by $600/year forever, but for someone who really needs frequent access to their desktop apps (including Windows apps), I think it's a reasonable price. For those with a casual need, putting up with a…

RE: ScanSnap iX500 Scanner is a Lightning Fast, Dependable Way to Get Organized

Hi, Spyder -- I see 670 positive reviews for the iX500 on Amazon (590 of them are five-star ratings) and 34 negative reviews (one or two stars). That gives it about a 95% positive rating if I did my math correctly. A good number of the one-star ratings seem like they were made punitively for very specific things like lack of Twain support or another single issue that probably wouldn't affect most users. Most negative reviews involving performance of the scanner itself came from April or earlier, indicating to me that perhaps there was a production or firmware issue that…