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How to Save and Autofill Arbitrary Online Forms with 1Password

7:50 PM, Feb. 3rd, 2016 · Jochen Wolters · TMO Quick Tip

1Password can save online forms you need to fill out again and again

Modern web browsers can save usernames and passwords for online logins. Most of them also support "auto-fill" for data like contacts or credit cards. But what do you do if you regularly have to fill out complex online forms that contain arbitrary text fields, menus, and checkboxes? Your Password manager, like 1Password, can handle it for you.

Sweet-Sounding News from Musikmesse 2012

4:50 PM, Apr. 24th, 2012 · Jochen Wolters · News

News from Musikmesse 2012

At last month’s Musikmesse 2012, some 30,000 products from all areas of music production and performance technology were on display at the Frankfurt, Germany, fairgrounds. Among the themes this year was that the iPad has come off age as a serious tool for digital music production. And yet, the most impressive digital audio product this year was  a plug-in for computer-based recording software. Jochen Wolters reports on that plug-in plus some seriously cool stuff for making music with, and on, your iPad.

iStopMotion Brings Animation Magic to the iPad

7:52 PM, Apr. 20th, 2012 · Jochen Wolters · In-Depth Review

iStopMotion from Boinx

In stop motion animation, the magic happens in between the movie’s frames: It’s what you can not see — namely the animator’s hands — that makes seemingly inanimate objects spring to life. With iStopMotion, Boinx Software promises to turn your iPad 2 or new iPad into a stop motion studio with all the tools you need to capture, edit, and publish your own animation clips.

iPad Rocks Musikmesse 2011

2:43 PM, May. 17th, 2011 · Jochen Wolters · News

“Musikmesse” is the world’s largest trade show for musical instruments and audio recording technology. It is held annually in Frankfurt, Germany, and has everything on display that makes musicians and gear-heads drool. The range of products on display is vast, especially in the realm of electronics. Still, this year’s ‘Messe had a very easily recognizable overarching theme in that area: iPads everywhere!