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RE: Apple to Samsung: There’s More Than One Way to Design a Tablet

It is debatable whether patents are the right way to protect functional or aesthetic designs, and whether the current US patent system is fundamentally broken (FTR: I do think so). Assuming that creative ideas don't come cheap and have real value, though, whoever creates "stuff" should somehow be able to effectively protect their creative output against blatant copying. Regarding this specific case, I find it astonishing that an expert witness is required to point how just how closely the Samsung Galaxy S line of phones resemble the look of Apple's iPhones. Especially, the Galaxy S 4G is extremely close to…

RE: iPad Rocks Musikmesse 2011

Archimedes, I wholeheartedly agree: the "killer app" on iPad is music -- making music, specifically. Core MIDI was a great addition to iOS. I wonder whether we will also see an Apple-official way for exchanging audio between applications to "complement" AudioCopy/AudioPaste.