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Apple Configurator Updated to Version 1.1

6:33 PM, Jul. 5th, 2012 · Julie Kuehl · Product News

Product News

Apple updated Configurator to version 1.1 on Thursday. The new version of the enterprise iOS management software includes new preferences to change how automatic configuration is handled as well as improvements with the Volume Purchase Program.

UK Court Gives HTC a Victory in Apple Patent Disputes

4:32 PM, Jul. 5th, 2012 · Julie Kuehl · News

UK flag behind gavel

The High Court in London has ruled that HTC did not infringe on patents which Apple claimed it had the rights to. Most notably, the slide-to-unlock feature was considered an “obvious” improvement to an earlier Nokia unlock screen and therefore Apple’s claim to innovation was rejected.

Apple Faces New Chinese Trademark Dispute Over Snow Leopard

10:44 PM, Jul. 3rd, 2012 · Julie Kuehl · News

Xuebao Snow Leopard logo

Chinese company Jiangsu Xuebao has filed suit against Apple accusing the American company of infringing on its Snow Leopard trademark in China. The company is best known for household products, but holds some trademarks in the electrical equipment and software categories.

California Fast-Tracks Apple’s Spaceship HQ

10:47 PM, Jul. 2nd, 2012 · Julie Kuehl · News

Apple's Spaceship Campus

California Governor Jerry Brown on Friday approved Apple’s new campus for fast-track treatment during its environmental review process. However, the fast-tracking will not affect either the scheduled mid-2013 start date or the 2015 completion date for the project.

Apple Store Reportedly Tries New Genius Bar Configuration

9:22 PM, Jul. 2nd, 2012 · Julie Kuehl · News

New Genius Bar Configuration

Apple appears to be testing out a new configuration of the Genius Bar space in at least one of its stores. The table has been rotated 90-degrees to be perpendicular to the wall rather than parallel. This allows Geniuses to work on both sides and increases the capacity by 71%.

Italy Still Not Satisfied With Apple Warranty Practices

8:13 PM, Jul. 2nd, 2012 · Julie Kuehl · News

Italian flag and AppleCare icon

The Italian competition and market authority is still not happy with Apple’s AppleCare practices. After fining Apple €900,000 (US$1,132,559), it says Apple has not changed its ways. The regulatory body is considering another fine, up to €300,000 (US$377,519) and possibly closing down Apple operations for 30 days.

Apple Begins Promised Employee Discount Program on Macs, iPads

8:32 PM, Jun. 21st, 2012 · Julie Kuehl · News

Employee Purchase Program logo

Apple employees are now eligible for employee discounts of US$500 on Macs and $250 on iPads, discounts that are on top of the 25 percent discount already in place, according to online reports. Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the plan back in January at a Town Hall meeting, and it went into effect this week.