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RE: Rumored iPad Mini to Have Production Split Between Foxconn/Pegatron

Pegatron has several manufacturing facilities around the world, including Mexico, the Czech Republic, and two in China. (See their website: However, there is one report that they are being built at "secret" factories in China ( With no official word, we can't know for certain at this point.

RE: T-Mobile Promoting Its Unlimited Plans for Unlocked iPhones

Not surprised that the info hasn't trickled down yet. My understanding is that it will only work with an AT&T iPhone 4S. Not the iPhone 4. And not the Verizon iPhones.

RE: New Thunderbolt Adapters Announced at WWDC

Good eyes! In the excitement of the keynote, I missed that it is the Retina Display version of the MacBook Pro that has this port configuration. Will make the change.

RE: TMO Workspaces: Jeff Gamet

Seconded: No cats? And no pic of the table at Starbucks? grin

RE: Apple Names All-Time Top App Store Apps

I was curious... I have 16 of the iPhone apps and 11 of the iPad apps. How about you?

RE: iKeyboard Assists Touch-Typing on iPads

Several keyboard modes do have the same layout, but I'm sure there are some that are different. It does seem to cover the most common ones.

RE: PadDock 10 Turns an iPad Into a Mini iMac

Not aluminium, but really hard to tell. Has a steel base for weight that aluminium just didn't have.

RE: iPhone Still Hot in US, UK; Not So Much in EU

I apologize for the confusion, and you are correct about the difference between the two numbers. The first one is referencing all mobile phones (where iOS gained everywhere but Spain), and the second refers to smartphone market share (where France and Germany lost share). Thanks for catching it! I'll see if I can make a change in the wording so it's more clear.

RE: RIAA Caught Pirating: It Wasn’t Us. Really.

I too think the graphic is brilliant, but can't take credit for it. I believe it was a collaboration between Mr. Gamet and Mr. Chaffin. (And that's the last time I'm going to call them that!)

RE: Al Gore Confident About a Post-Jobs Apple

Yup. My bad. It was either a typo or a Freudian slip (having sat through a few of those type of meetings myself). Got it fixed up.