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RE: Amazon PrimeNow Offers One Hour Delivery, Here's How it Works

Your point is well taken, but I was more interested in making sure the prices were compatible with our local grocery prices than saving on the food costs. The suggested tip does add to the overall cost, but for some people it is worth it. For instance, I take care of my two year old grandson several hours a day and not having to take him out shopping is worth almost any price. LOL My neighbor, who uses a wheelchair, finds it to be a fantastic advantage. I can also see small businesses enjoying it because of the time savings.…

RE: Amazon PrimeNow Offers One Hour Delivery, Here's How it Works

The impression I got is that the delivery people work for Amazon. The delivery people went out of their way to make sure my orders were correct and invited me to come back again. I would not expect that level of service from paid drivers with no ties to Amazon. Concerning the warehouse, I looked it up when I was preparing this piece and noted that there is a warehouse within two miles of my house. I expect the emphasis on zip codes for delivery is tied to the warehouse locations.

RE: Q Card Case for iPhone 6 Plus Uses Credit Card Slot as Kickstand

Macadamia Nut, Lets be fair and take into consideration that the card slipped out of the slot when I tried to turn it upside down to get the other view. I can't imagine that most folks would want to do that. I just did it to test.

RE: Three Tips for Apple's Keynote App on iPad

Hi Jon, Yes, if you have your keynote saved in the cloud, it will disappear from all your devices, including your Mac, once you delete it. One way to prevent that is to save an iCloud copy and an additional copy that is stored on your Mac. The one you save to your Mac will not be deleted.

RE: 7 Basic Tips for a Speedier Mac

Thanks for the info furbies. I was not aware of that aspect and appreciate you adding it in.

RE: 7 Basic Tips for a Speedier Mac

MacFrogger, I can share with you what worked for me after I had the same problem. I took all those bazillion messages and dragged them into a folder on my desktop. You can create as many folders as you want. Save backups of those folders wherever you feel most comfortable, like an external hard disk. Once you have them safely secured you can delete all those messages from Mail and you should see great improvement. Good luck.

RE: OnBeep Makes Star Trek: TNG Communicator a Reality

This is so cool! Wish I had a need for them just to say I had them.

RE: Griffin Survivor Core Case for iPhone 6/6 Plus: Excellent Protection with a Clear Back

I'm not sure what a full-skin protective film is, but I can tell you that it works with a tempered glass cover if that helps in any way.

RE: Griffin Survivor Case for iPhone 6/6 Plus: Maximum Protection with Ease of Use

wab95, wait a few days and check out my review of the other new case from Griffin - The Survivor Core. It offers most of the protections that the larger case offers, but it has a clear back that lets the world know you have an Apple.

RE: Create Ringtones From Your iTunes Library and Add Them To Your iPhone

Manuel, I suspect that you are trying to use music that was not purchased directly from the iTunes store. These steps will only work with iTunes music. Even if you purchased a CD and added it to your iTunes library, the song will not be accepted. Hope this helps.