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RE: OS X: Pasting Text into Emails, Much Faster

What? It's just nonsense, right? wink

RE: El Capitan: Adjust Safari's Reader Settings

You're welcome, Lee! grin Hey kc_cramer! I'm not sure why it's not working for you, but using Command-P and then saving as a PDF is functioning just fine for me in Reader view. What steps are you following? —Melissa

RE: iOS: Saving Images Out of Messages Conversations

Thanks, Lee! grin Hey Roger: It's working just fine on my iPad. Did you perhaps open a conversation that doesn't have any recent attachments? —Melissa

RE: iTunes 12.4: Editing the Sidebar

Thanks for the comments, you guys! And for reading my stuff—that's always much appreciated. grin —Melissa

RE: OS X: Encrypting Time Machine Backups

Hey Eran, Unfortunately, if you've forgotten the password for an encrypted disk, there is nothing you can do except wipe it and start over. :( —Melissa

RE: OS X: Making Your Mac Stop Ringing

Oh, man, Lee! I have a family member who has tinnitus, so I know how much that sucks. I'm sorry. :(

RE: OS X: Figuring Out Forgotten Passwords

Hey furbies! I totally get your frustration. I always try to think of it, though, like any other profession—I'll bet if I got a plumber out here, he'd wonder why I wasn't doing [thing] to prevent [bad result]. Or an electrician. Or a nutritionist. :D —Melissa

RE: 3 Toolbar Icons to Make OS X Mail more Powerful

Thanks for the comments! Eolake, 35 bazillion is indeed a qualifying number, just so you know. wink —Melissa

RE: iOS: Block People from Calling or Texting You

Thanks for the comments, Lee. Good suggestions! As far as I know, there's no way to block multiple numbers from the same company; you'd have to block each one individually. :( —Melissa