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iPads in Space & Apple TV Rumors that Just Won’t Die

6:45 PM, Oct. 28th, 2011 · Ken Ray · MacOS KenDensed

More iPhone 4S talk, the new Apple television frenzy, the iPad is a Wi-Fi glutton, and the iPad has a new home on the International Space Station — along with Angry Birds. It’s like the world is begging for Mac OS Ken’s Ken Ray to jump into the middle of it all.

On iPhones, Earnings & Wall Street

5:58 PM, Oct. 21st, 2011 · Ken Ray · MacOS KenDensed

Apple was all about the numbers this week: Record breaking iPhone 4S sales, record breaking earnings reports, and analysts that were disappointed because Apple didn’t break its records as much as they wanted. And the next iPad rumors are in full swing. That’s enough to keep Mac OS Ken’s Ken Ray going for more than a week.

Hello, iPhone & Don’t Play with the Dead

6:00 PM, Oct. 15th, 2011 · Ken Ray · MacOS KenDensed

It was another busy week for Apple. iPhone 4S pre-sales were through the roof, and customers were ready to hand over their hard-earned cash on Friday if they hadn’t preordered. The release of iOS 5 practically brought the Internet to its knees, and Google and Samsung had a hard time coping with Apple’s dominance in the news and in the smartphone market. As if that isn’t enough, this week Mac OS Ken’s Ken Ray gets on his soap box, too, over Google and Samsung’s media tactics.

Apple & Amazon: Let’s Talk & Burn

4:00 PM, Sep. 30th, 2011 · Ken Ray · MacOS KenDensed

Seems all it takes to get the tech world fired up is Apple announcing that they’re going to announce something iPhone-ish, and Amazon announcing that they’re in the tablet game. Seems Mac OS Ken’s Ken Ray is fired up about all of it, too.

On Fat Phones, Lame Phones & a Little LeVar Burton

11:30 AM, Sep. 17th, 2011 · Ken Ray · MacOS KenDensed

Remember when Apple was pushing Web apps for the iPhone? That may be catching up with the company. That, and HTC says your Dad’s iPhone is lame, while LeVar Burton wants kids to read on their iPads. Mac OS Ken’s Ken Ray sorts it all out, lines it all up, and knocks it back down.

Dude, Where’s My iPhone?

5:33 PM, Sep. 9th, 2011 · Ken Ray · MacOS KenDensed

San Francisco’s Police Department has found itself in the middle of a controversy surrounding a lost iPhone prototype, some rumors claiming Sprint is getting the iPhone 5 are pretty thin, and Apple may already have another Cupertino campus in the works. Mac OS Ken’s Ken Ray is on top of this weeks’ Apple news with his usual insight. Because that’s what he does.

iPad Competitors: Begging for a Black Eye

2:00 PM, Sep. 3rd, 2011 · Ken Ray · MacOS KenDensed

The Internet is filled with rumors, speculation, and wanna-be iPad killers. This week, they all line up and beg for Mac OS Ken’s Ken Ray to cut them down to size. Leaning into the curve ball are reports of iTunes streaming music, the next string of tablets hoping to compete with the iPad, and analysts hanging their hopes on an Amazon tablet.

The Great Apple CEO Swap Out

5:00 PM, Aug. 27th, 2011 · Ken Ray · MacOS KenDensed

Apple saw a big change this week — or maybe not so big, depending on your perspective — with the announcement that Steve Jobs retired from his role as CEO. Mac OS Ken’s Ken Ray digs through the reactions to the change at Apple, and has a little something to say about Samsung’s new Kubrick defense, too.