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MacOS KenDensed: The New Foxconn, Government Hacking & Nokia’s SIM Hate

1:55 PM, Mar. 31st, 2012 · Ken Ray · MacOS KenDensed

Foxconn is showing its factory workers some love, Nokia is buying some Lumia love and tossing some hate at Apple, governments are totally into hacking, and Samsung just wants some design love. Add in the magical wonder and danger of glass-fronted Apple Stores, and it’s all we could do this week to keep Mac OS Ken’s Ken Ray under control without sedation.

MacOS KenDensed: iPads Gone Wild

7:03 PM, Mar. 24th, 2012 · Ken Ray · MacOS KenDensed

Apple is selling iPads faster than ever before, and it’s throwing money back at investors. AT&T back tracked in court, HP investors want the PC maker to be like Apple, and iPads are sending some people to the doctor. Sort of. Mac OS Ken’s Ken Ray jumps into the middle of this week’s news and stirs it all up for you.

MacOS KenDensed: Apple, iPhones & Investigation-palooza

6:27 PM, Mar. 16th, 2012 · Ken Ray · MacOS KenDensed

It’s investigation week with the Feds looking into Apple’s ebook pricing, Foxconn looking into worker conditions, analysts looking into phone screen sizes, and Apple looking into Path’s data collection practices. Of course, Mac OS Ken’s Ken Ray looks into all of it. That’s what he does.

Mac OS KenDensed: Apple’s New iPad, Apple TV & More

10:10 AM, Mar. 10th, 2012 · Ken Ray · MacOS KenDensed

It was a busy week for Apple with the introduction of the third generation iPad, a new Apple TV, iPhoto for iOS, iOS 5.1, and a Senator that’s not too happy with the company’s mobile privacy practices. Mac OS Ken’s Ken Ray bundled it all up into a nice little package for you, just as he does every week. Buckle up. There’s a lot to cover.

Apple TV: Growing from Appliance to Television

6:54 PM, Mar. 6th, 2012 · Ken Ray · Editorial

Rumors are pointing to the introduction of a new Apple TV model this week along with the iPad 3. Rumors also claim Apple is planning on eventually unveiling its own television. Mac OS Ken’s Ken Ray isn’t buying into an Apple television, but he does have some ideas on how Apple could get there.

MacOS KenDensed: The iPad 3 is Coming & AT&T is Choking Your Data

9:25 PM, Mar. 2nd, 2012 · Ken Ray · MacOS KenDensed

Apple kicked off a media feeding frenzy with media invitations for what’s likely to be the iPad 3 announcement next week, AT&T doesn’t think “unlimited data” means what you think it means, which led one customer to take on the cell carrier, and some companies aren’t stepping up to take responsibility for factory working conditions like Apple. All that, plus FaceTime turns into a new incentive for plastic surgery. Big surprise: Mac OS Ken’s Ken Ray has a few opinions on this week’s news.

MacOS KenDensed: Google’s Browser Snooping & Tim Cook’s Shareholder Party

8:04 PM, Feb. 24th, 2012 · Ken Ray · MacOS KenDensed

Google’s “Don’t be Evil” motto may not mean what you think it means — or what they think it means. Not everyone is happy with working conditions in Foxconn’s iPad factories, Tim Cook wooed investors during Apple’s annual shareholder meeting, and the app finder Chomp is now part of the Apple family. Mac OS Ken’s Ken Ray, as always, is ready to roll with his own perspective. And a literary reference.

MacOS KenDensed: iPad 3 Frenzy, Big-time Apple & Steve Jobs, G-Man

5:11 PM, Feb. 11th, 2012 · Ken Ray · MacOS KenDensed

Word on the street is that new iPads are on the way. More people are climbing on the Apple Television bandwagon, smartphones are getting even more popular, the iPhone sells better than anything Microsoft, and Steve Jobs did drugs. And served on a Presidential panel. It’s like we’re setting Mac OS Ken’s Ken Ray loose in a tech news candy shop.