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Disney Vacation App Roundup: Walt Disney World Pro

5:00 PM, Mar. 12th, 2012 · David Winograd · Quick Look Review

Walt Disney World Pro

After three apps that are — to put it nicely — rubbish and one that took you behind the curtain at Walt Disney World, David Winograd finally gets to the stuff that vacations are made of. The Walt Disney Pro app is one that should be in your planning toolkit. It does have a quirk or two, but it’s the best planning app so far. Read about what it can do to make your trip to the mouse much less stressful.

Disney Vacation App Roundup: Dining With Disney Guide

2:15 PM, Mar. 5th, 2012 · David Winograd · Quick Look Review

Cinderalla's Castle, Lighted at Night

David Winograd just spent a week in Walt Disney World with six apps. This is the first in a serious survey of the apps, what they can do for you and deciding on the best ones to load onto your iPhone or iPod touch to make the most out your visit to see the mouse. This part I discusses the Dining With Disney app.

Some Thoughts on iBooks, iPads and Education

1:15 PM, Jan. 12th, 2012 · David Winograd · Analysis


Apple is scheduled to make an announcement on January 19th in New York City having something to do with either iAds, iBooks, Education or some combination. The agenda hasn’t been anounced. We do know that Eddy Cue, who runs iCloud, the iTunes, iBookstore and the App store, will be there  Here are some thoughts, on what Apple could do to gain a ton of share in the education market.