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RE: Annual iPhone Upgrade Programs Should Boost Replacement Cycle with or without Subsidies

Not subsidizing phones are great for the carriers. They are as greedy as you write, but there are so many iPhones out there, they don't have to incentivize putting one in your hands. Now the carriers get paid up front. So the current plan makes it LOOK like the phones are being subsidized while they are not. I feel that the Apple trade-in program is horrid. You can get much more of a return selling the phone to third party like As to your 'lease' concern…if you keep the phone for two years (under Apple's plan) or whatever it…

RE: How to Test the Speed of Your Home Network with Iperf

Right there is no Command Line Tools option and after loading Xcode, the 'brew install iperf3' in terminal does nothing.

RE: Shares of $AAPL Top $100, Flirt with Record Closing High

Bryan, Update your story. AAPL closed the day at $100.53 which is an all time closing high. By fractions but that's where the story lies.

RE: The iGearUnlimited iPad Mini Portfolio Case Is a Poor Choice [Updated]

I'd wait a bit. Since Apple was very secretive about dimensions, so it took some time to design them and cases are just starting to roll in from overseas. You can check the Marware CEO Hybrid review I did, but I have another from Marware and one that I really like from Brenthaven that I'll be covering over the next week or so.

RE: The iGearUnlimited iPad Mini Portfolio Case Is a Poor Choice [Updated]

Thanks for the kind words. We at MacObserver call them as we see them. But we do try and back up and deficiencies we find with evidence and often pictures. I don't know Terry Winograd, but I do know his work and have read a good deal of it.

RE: iOS 6: iPhone 4 & 4S Users Report Excessive Battery Drain

Before I wrote this piece I brought it into my Apple store and was told that the phone was performing within specs. I wasn’t happy. A few weeks ago, I had to go back for another reason and told them about it again. They said it was in specs but offered to replace the battery. It only took 15 minutes while I got my jollies at the Microsoft store where a confused guy tried to sell me a surface. When I picked up the phone, I was told to put the phone on never lock and run it down until…

RE: It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (iOS): Not So Great

@Laurie. You're right. Sorry I missed that one. @todd - There's something to what you say, but gimmicks that contradict the story and charging $29.95 for a ton of pointless coins in a $5 app is not defendable.

RE: AAPL & Capital Gains: A Look at Tax Strategy

A wash sale is exactly the opposite of what I wrote about. It involves restrictions on selling at a loss. If you read my article it talks about selling at a gain, and hopefully a large gain.

RE: The Phiaton BT Earphones are Amazing

I don't think they'll fall out during exercise if you use the foam tips. They provide quite a snug fit. >>>A feature I would like to see on the Phiaton is something Etymotic already has and that is an app which allows you to use the noise canceling microphones to pick up ambient sound and mix that in with the device sound.<<< That would be true if I had cheaper Etymotics, but when I first saw the app to which you refer, I downloaded it and found that it doesn't work on my ER4s. So I'm not cheering for the…