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RE: Apple Announces Foxconn Inspections

Yes, it is interesting that Apple seems to get all the heat here, while Foxconn is making products for many other tech companies too, including Microsoft. And Apple seems to be doing more to address the situation than any of Foxconn's other customers. (I'm sure Microsoft, et al love that Apple gets the brunt of this and is spearheading any changes.) And, yes, any assembly line job is boring and tedious, no matter where it's located. However, it would be nice to see Foxconn apply American work standards and regulations. I realize they're abiding by China's labor laws, which are…

RE: AT&T: Over 1 Million iPhone 4S Activations So Far

I pre-ordered mine on 10/8, Sat. morning, and it still hasn't shipped yet, so, yeah, demand must be very strong. I have to admit I didn't think it would be like this, given some of the ho-hum attitudes out there, but I think a lot of that came from iPhone 4 owners who rightly saw this as more of an incremental upgrade, except for Siri. However, for people like me who still own an iPhone 3G or 3GS (mine is a 3G; I gave my wife my upgrade last year so she could get an iPhone), I can't wait for…

RE: Apple About to Release a Sub-$1,000 iMac For Education

Thanks for the link, Vaughn, but the Apple Education Store didn't have this iMac available when I published the article, and later checks showed it still wasn't there. That's why I said "about to release." We will update this computer when Apple makes it available.

RE: Microsoft COO Relishes Windows on Mac at Retail Store

It looks like the MacBook Pro is running something like Fusion, since there appears to be an OS X dock at the bottom of the screen, while the iMac seems to be running Windows via Boot Camp. And, yeah, I agree that it makes sense that a 3rd party reseller might emphasize a Mac's ability to run both operating systems, whereas PCs can only run Windows (and various flavors of Linux, of course).

RE: Never Bring a Mac to a Gun Fight

I installed iAntiVirus and tried to scan my MacBook twice. Both times, it got about halfway through the scan and stalled. Meanwhile, I received a warning that my hard disk was full. I checked the Finder and saw 0 KB available. I cancelled the scan and watched as the available disk space in the Finder climbed north of 8GB. That was bizarre. Anyone else have that experience?

RE: Apple MarComm VP Allison Johnson to Leave the Company

My guess is no one wants to say anything until Allison officially leaves Apple. And even then, Apple PR probably won't say anything, although I imagine Barker will be happy to talk then.

RE: iPad 2 Smart Cover Loaded with Magnets

Nice 2001 reference, Substance.

RE: Apple Preps for Data Center Launch, Possible Expansion

Isn't this most likely for the Mac App Store? Those downloads are going to be much bigger than the ones for iOS, and Apple is hosting and distributing them, correct? Apple is likely planning to do more with cloud computing, but the Mac App Store seems like the main reason for this data center going online soon.

RE: Particle Debris (wk. ending 10/15) Tutsi fruitsi!

There's a penguin on the telly!

Hence the old joke John- Q: What?s on the TV tonight? A: A vase of flowers and a goldfish bowl.

RE: Headphones Celebrate 70 Years of Comic Book Superheroes

The X-Men have not been around for 70 years. They've been around since the early 1960s.