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RE: Skype Goes Down, Uses Twitter to Tell World [Update]

FYI the typo is still appearing in the summary in Google Reader. Maybe you've fixed it and Google Reader is just caching an old version... but just so you know...

RE: Walmart Drops 16GB iPhone to $97

Indeed, the "real" cost of an iPhone is significantly higher but you don't see it up front. It's subsidized by your phone bill and paid by AT&T to Apple. You can only buy an iPhone without a contract and activation if you pay a few hundred dollars extra.

RE: Google Buys, Kills reMail

I agree with the comment from Substance. I am curious about what plans Google may have for this app. So far Google's software has (mostly?) been created as a companion to their web services. Google Earth using Maps data. Google Chrome for... well, accessing all of their web-based services. SketchUp to create buildings for Google Earth. If they plan to use reMail, one would assume they plan to turn it into some sort of Gmail client. If so, would it be modified so it only works with Gmail? What will they do with this software, if anything?

RE: Apple Hits Up iPhone 3.1 Users for Battery Life Data

For what it's worth, to the users who suggested a restore, I personally have already done that. When I first updated to 3.1 my phone's interface became extremely slow and barely usable. Like some background process in the system had run wild and was using most of its resources. I did wipe and restore and that fixed the slowness problem from the upgrade, but battery life persists. And that's without re-adding data from a backup. I set it up as if it were a new phone, syncing my music again, adding photos from scratch, manually adding my apps again.

RE: Apple Hits Up iPhone 3.1 Users for Battery Life Data

I have definitely noticed worse battery life since updating to 3.1. It could be a coincidence, as my iPhone is a bit over a year old and the battery may just be losing capacity as it starts to age. But I do suspect the update is at least partly at fault because I noticed a marked difference within a couple days of performing the update.