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RE: Technology is Enabling New Levels of Sexploitation

I'm not a lawyer (I just play one on the Internet). That said...While the concept of this robot may be distasteful and sexist, and many people will object to it, I see no basis for it being illegal. Similar things (such as "inflatable dolls") have been around for years with no legal challenge. This is just the next step.

RE: Subscription Pricing Isn't as Evil as You Think It Is

Re: " If they ignore one app for too long people can simply stop paying for it." It depends. If you stop paying for it, you lose all access to the app. So, if you are disappointed with the lack of updates but still find the app useful, you are forced to choose among the lesser of "evils." I can argue that if you still find the app useful then it's worth paying for. But that's a separate issue from whether you'd wind up with an even better app without a subscription model. Personally, I don't like being locked…

RE: 7 Ways to Help the Elderly Learn How to Use a Mac, iPhone, or iPad

My uncomfortableness with articles like this is that they tend to assume the "elderly" are one uniform group. How would it sound if the article was titled "How to help Latinos to use a Mac..."? It would sound weird...because while some Latinos may need help, others clearly do not. And it might also appear patronizing or even prejudiced toward the elderly. Not good. While many elderly do need help, this article perpetuates the stereotypes that ALL elderly need help and that the type of help they need is distinctly different from what younger computer-phobes (of which there are also many)…

RE: iPhone 6s: How to Enable Live Photos

As I tweeted about yesterday, the problem I have with Live Photos is getting them to my Mac. While iCloud Photos Library apparently supports Live Photos, I don't use it. (I don't want to pay for it nor have all my photos stored there). I still maintain Camera Roll and PhotoStream. I typically import photos from my iPhone's Camera Roll to my Mac and then delete the photos from the iPhone. So, unless Live Photos is maintained in the import, the feature is lost. Here's where problems occur: • PhotoStream does not support Live Photos. So if I depend on…

RE: The New Apple TV Turns its Back on 4K UHD, But the Industry Moves Forward with Vidity

I'm sure 4K will eventually be the standard, just as 1080 replaced 720 years ago. But I suspect it will take a lot longer. I think that, for most people, the difference between 1080 and 4K is not big enough to matter - especially on smaller TVs that still dominate the landscape. Plus 4K recordings will take up 4X as much space on DVRs and computer hard drives. People will not likely be in a hurry to deal with that. And how long before 4K streaming and broadcast content becomes common enough to drive sales? It's certainly been slow going…

RE: iPad Pro Coming in Early November

I want to get my hands on one too. But I will probably limit myself to doing so at the Apple Store. Can't see myself buying one for now. It would fit uncomfortably between my iPad Air and my Retina MacBook Pro. Doubtful it would get enough use to justify itself. But I'll wait to read you analysis before passing final judgement.

RE: AppleCare for Mac Covers AirPort, Some Accessories, More

"There's often a debate about the usefulness of AppleCare, but it's frankly a good value when you consider that it covers your Mac as well as a good portion of what you connect to it." By itself, this is not an argument in favor or against AppleCare. It wouldn't necessarily make AppleCare a good value even if it also covered twenty other devices, including iHome alarm clocks and Jambox Bluetooth speakers. It would only matter if the probability that these devices would ever need warranty-covered repair/replacements was high enough to justify the expense of AppleCare.

RE: Announcing TMO's New Product Scoring System

I tend to be nitpicking when it comes to language in stuff like this. As such, I have a few quibbles, especially with the second sentence of two of the ratings categories. What's the difference between "Get it now" and "You should get it"? When should I get it, if not now? Tomorrow? Why would I be happier getting it tomorrow instead of now? And why should that be the critical distinction of the two ratings? As to "Get it only if you need it" — does that mean I should get higher rated products even if I don't need…

RE: Steve Jobs's Inner Circle Defends Their Version of Jobs's Legacy

I tend to be skeptical on all fronts. Just because Tim Cook and the folks at Apple prefer the Becoming version, doesn't mean it is the more accurate or "true-to-who-Steve-really-was" version. There's probably a good deal of truth to both versions. Steve was not a person who could be fit into an easy-to-define stereotyped box.

RE: Apple's iPhone 6 Plus: A Perfectly-Sized Portable Device

Good article; I wouldn't expect less. smile I see an interesting dichotomy emerging between iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus proponents. Many iPhone 6 Plus users (including you, Dan Frakes, Bob LeVitus and others whose articles I have read) cite the Plus advantage that it almost eliminates their need to use their iPad mini anymore. I totally get that and I agree that it's a good reason to prefer the 6 Plus. But it doesn't fit for people like me. First, I use an iPad Air rather than an iPad mini. I prefer the larger size. There is no way…