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An Introduction to Twitter: TMO Announces New Twitter Feeds

3:00 PM, Jan. 24th, 2008 · Stephen Swift · News

Most Web surfers are familiar with the concept of blogging. For some, the idea of taking the time to compose an entry with substance is enticing, for others, however, that just takes too much time. Sharing thoughts and ideas on the Web can be more appealing if you do it quickly and with spontaneity, and that's the whole idea behind Twitter.

On the Floor: Switching to Intel

3:00 PM, Jan. 12th, 2006 · Stephen Swift · News

SAN FRANCISCO -- When Steve Jobs introduced the new Intel Macs during his Keynote on Tuesday, he asked developers to work extra hard to release universal binaries of their software. The Mac Observer went on the show floor to get reactions from developers and users alike.

Apple Announces Xcode - New Mac OS X Developer Tools

5:00 PM, Jun. 22nd, 2003 · Stephen Swift · News

At the Worldwide Developer Conference today, Apple announced Xcode, a new set of developer tools. Developers attending WWDC will receive a free preview release of Xcode at the conference. Xcode will be available to Select and Premier Apple Developer Connection (ADC) members online.

TMO Calls For AppleScript Questions

5:00 PM, May. 15th, 2003 · Stephen Swift · News

Everything you've ever wanted to know about AppleScript, but were too lazy to do the research yourself: The Mac Observer would like to invite you to learn more about one of Apple's least understood technologies -- AppleScript

Repeat Yourself With AppleScript

5:00 PM, Jun. 11th, 2002 · Stephen Swift · TMO Quick Tip

TMO Quick Tip
AppleScript is a great automation tool. Two clicks and your browser is loaded, your e-mail is downloaded, and your coffee is steaming. Being able to repeat your routine, however, is an essential component of AppleScript. You might have an excellent script that prepares your photos for the Web, but without the repeat loop, editing fifty photos is still a pain