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RE: Comparing Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile

I couldn't find a 1-year upgrade financing option from Verizon. They require you to pay off the whole iPhone cost (but then it's yours to do what you please). Although I wasn't planning on getting AppleCare, I may go with the Apple payment plan as it's easier than paying 1/2 phone cost at end of 1 year and then trying to find a seller.

RE: Nine iOS 7 Features That Aren't Available on All Apple Devices

"iPhone 4S and 4s" ?? Macworld's got some other features listed too (mostly related to 5s hardware), but it isn't as easy to read as this chart.

RE: An iPod Classic Visualized as a Vinyl LP Collection

It doesn't say on the webpage, but I think this works out to about 50 feet tall. Crikey!

RE: Alf Watt at WWDC: The Journey from iStumbler to Apple and Beyond

This was a fascinating read! Thanks for going in depth and brining some clarity to such a complex subject. There may be a small typo: "So we’ve gotten a lot better at that. So that’s one of the things with 802.11ac, even if you access point point is willing to set up a 160 MHz channel for you, we’re not going to go past 40 or 80 MHz on mobile devices."?

RE: Digging Into Apple's Fusion Drive Details

This is a great writeup! Thanks for the details. It's a super cool idea, and something I've been wanting for a really long time. I've looked into the hybrid drives before, and just wasn't really satisfied. I'm glad to see Apple tackling the problem in their own way. I can't wait for it to come to the 21" iMac. In my dreams, I'd like it to be in the next retina MBP, but there's no way there'll ever be enough space.

RE: A New Look (and More) for The Mac Observer

Oh wow! This is amazing... terrific work!

RE: Chess Deluxe for iOS & OS X: Beginners Only

John, have you ever seen an iOS or Mac app that also teaches chess? I'm imagining some kind of interactive feature to guide you through common setups and test scenarios... maybe I should just get a book! wink

RE: My Mountain Lion Install: a Travelogue

I used AppFresh to check for updates. It's a great way to auto-update all non MAS apps all at once. It supports apps with Sparkle and can lookup new versions of apps without sparkle on Count me in favor of the new safari combobar. I like that I don't have to think about whether I'm making a search or not. It now trips me up when I'm on safari on iOS. Chrome must have trained me well since I rarely end up on a search page when I meant to type in an address. PS if I move my…