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RE: TMO Daily Observations 2016-04-20: Why People are Bagging on the New MacBook

I totally get that, Kira. I really miss my favorite Mac of all time, the Pismo PowerBook. It was so expandable and flexible. What an awesome machine.

RE: Lost Your Fitbit? Use Your iPhone to Track it Down

I love that so many people have been able to track down their lost Fitbits!

RE: iPad Pro Preorders Are Here, Some Confirmations Offer Same-Day Pickup (Today)

I'll be picking up mine in store today as well. Missing out on the midnight alarm and mad dash to my computer to pre-order worked out just fine.

RE: Facebook Says Background App Usage Fix is Coming

Lee, Nope, it doesn't. The background app processes continue even when the Facebook app isn't running. Ugh.

RE: Apple Explains 3D Touch with a Cool Video

It's Emergency by Icona Pop. Here's an iTunes Store link:

RE: Marco Arment Yanks Content Blocker Peace from App Store

dlstarr7, Peace will continue to work as advertised and will block the ads and other content Marco designed it to handle. It will eventually stop working, but not until Apple makes changes to iOS that are significant enough to break Peace's functionality. If you bought Peace and want to continue using it, feel free to do so. I think it'll continue working for quite a while.

RE: TMO Daily Observations 2015-09-16: The Big iOS 9 Upgrade Show

I misspoke on the show, gang. I said iOS 9 requires the iPad mini 2 or newer, but it runs on all iPad mini models. Sorry about that.

RE: Hackers Release AshleyMadison Database, Prove they're Jerks

Here's an creepy twist: What about men in countries where homosexuality is a crime punishable by death who signed up for AshleyMadison. Did The Impact Team just condemn them to a death sentence?

RE: How to Tell the Difference Between Apple Music and iTunes Match Songs

Stephen, your impression is correct. The wrong file version ended up in the article, but that's fixed now. Thanks for the sharp eye!