50 Years of Sci-Fi Computer Interfaces

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Computers are a big part of the sci-fi world and the interfaces writers, movie makers, and special effects artists for those thinking machines have led to some pretty prescient designs over the past 50 years. Infographic Journal has a great visual representation of some of the most popular interfaces from movies and TV shows that list both their vision and how they later appeared in the real world. It starts with Lost in Space, leads into Star Trek, Star Wars and Alien, looks at Iron Man, Tron, and Blade Runner, and even shows what smeggin' Red Dwarf got right.


Check It Out: 50 Years of Sci-Fi Computer Interfaces

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Why is it this page just appears?

Why don’t the words appear a letter at a time with accompanying soft beeps and boops?

‘Cause it would annoy my cube neighbors?

I see a web plugin idea!


If there’s anything that dates older science fiction movies, it’s the computers. I always wondered why the people that created those movies were so forward thinking when it came to everything but computer interaction.

The best example to me is a movie like Alien, which to this day still holds up special effects wise due to the overall grittiness of the ship’s design and the completely original design of the monster. But when we see them using the computer, it kinda snaps you back to reality a bit. There were many well known advanced computing interface theories at the time from both the Stanford Research Institute and Xerox PARC; it makes you wonder why they didn’t hire a consultant?

Of course, they were dealing with practical effects, so they were limited by what they could actually create. anyway, just nit-picking. Alien is still one of my all-time favorite movies.



Major omission: They left out KITT from TV’s Knight Rider, which predicted both voice interface and self-driving cars.


You know the word smeggin’  ??? HA !!! Man I wish Red Dwarf were still on… lister was amazing…

GOOD piece too…

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