Aaron Sorkin’s ‘Steve Jobs’ Movie Available on iTunes for $14.99

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Remember Steve Jobs, the film written by Aaron Sorkin starring Michael Fassbender? There was a lot of hype about the film, some controversy, and high expectations, but it fizzled at the box office. It's available on iTunes now, though, which I'm a little surprised at (and pleased about) because Apple's leadership disliked the film sight-unseen (the people who worked with Mr. Jobs early in his career were generally pleased with the film). You won't find it being promoted on iTunes, but it is available at $14.99 (for either the HD or SD versions).


Check It Out: Aaron Sorkin’s ‘Steve Jobs’ Movie Available on iTunes for $14.99

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I watched the film earlier this week, and while I thoroughly enjoyed the Sorkin dialog (he never dumbs it down for anybody, I found the film wholly depressing, and joyless. Crisis upon crisis is the theme, with ne’er a problem-as-opportunity to be seen.

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