Adam Savage, Marty Cooper, and an iPhone Get Animated

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Adam Savage (of Mythbusters fame) can also be found over at, a site for, as it says, "anything awesome." This includes a video featuring Marty Cooper, a guy who shoots animation out in the world on his iPhone. He draws little characters on overhead projector sheets and holds them up in front of his iPhone to make Instagram videos or sometimes just a still. After talking a little about animation, Adam signed up to be in one of these videos, and Marty set to work creating it. I won't give away the ending or the special video guest, just check out the video below and see what you think. It was fun to see it come together, and everything he needs fits in a backpack!


Check It Out: Adam Savage, Marty Cooper, and an iPhone Get Animated

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I have to say that that video and the resulting animation was a hoot to watch. I will have to look at that a few more times so that I can get a better appreciation of it. I will have to show this to my Grand Children as well. I especially want to thank Adam Savage, for introducing Marty Cooper who makes the cartoons and the videos and helping him make this video, as seen on his web site. I think my Grand Daughter will get the message better than I did. Did not know anything about Adam Savage’s family history or his web site. I will correct that right after this comment.

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