Another Google Reader Replacement: Feed Wrangler

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Another alternative to Google's soon-to-die Reader RSS service rolled out on Tuesday called Feed Wrangler. Right now the service includes a Web interface and an iOS app, but a native Mac client is promised to be coming soon. It can import your RSS feeds from Google Reader, supports filters and searches, supports Instapaper and Pocket, and includes a clean interface both on the Web and on the iPhone and iPad. There's also an API for other developers that want to add support to their apps. Feed Wrangler costs US$18.99 a year, which we're hoping means it has a better chance of sticking around than Google Reader.


Check It Out: Another Google Reader Replacement: Feed Wrangler

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This looks interesting but I am wondering how this compares to Feedly. I don’t mind paying for a service that is useful but where is the increased functionality or benefit over Feedly? Im my use Feedly handles my needs and there is currently a Safari extension that I use along with the iOS version. I’m definitely not trying to be negative just curious.

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