Apple’s First WSJ Mention: Just Three Words in 1978

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Three words in 1978: "Apple Computer, Inc." Those words are thought to be the first mention of the today's most valuable company in The Wall Street Journal. In an article about using "so called personal computers" in investing published 36 years ago today, Apple warranted a mention merely as one of the more popular brands. That's interesting in and of itself, but what's fascinating is that none of the other companies—Imsai Manufacturing Corp, the MITS division of Pertec Computing Corp., and Processor Technology Corp.—are left. The article also mentions Commodore, Western Digital Corp., IBM, Altair, Radio Shack (the TRS-80), Floppy Disks ("which look like very thin 45-rpm records"), and a few other relics from that era. (There's a PDF version of the article if you want to read the original.)


Check It Out: Apple’s First WSJ Mention: Just Three Words in 1978

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Market analysts immediately downgraded Apple for having more than two words in the article.

Lee Dronick

Spot on Palenoue!

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