Apple’s iPhone 5s Touch ID Sensitive Enough to Map a Cat’s Paw [Video]

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Turns out our furry friends have enough going on in their paws to register with an iPhone 5s's Touch ID. TechCrunch tested the concept out on a review unit, and found that a cat's paw could be mapped by Touch ID, and that said cat's paw could then unlock that device. Pretty cool, eh? It's not particularly useful or practical, but it's interesting to see. We asked an expert in biology and physiology about it, and he told us, "It's got sweat glands and enough dermal structure to create a pattern.  Knew you'd ask." Smart chap. A couple of notes: It's a space gray iPhone 5s in a red case, not an iPhone 5c. Also, this isn't some kind of fail of Apple's Touch ID. It's more of a testament to how awesome Apple's sensor is.


Check It Out: Apple’s iPhone 5s Touch ID Sensitive Enough to Map a Cat’s Paw [Video]

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Lee Dronick

Toonces, the texting while driving cat.


Can you turn off the sound that accompanies logging in?
And in a related question, can you turn off the system sound that plays when you activate Siri?


Does icanhascheeseburger know about this?

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