Being a Super Hero Isn’t Cheap

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The life of a crime fighter comes at a price, and thanks to inflation that price is going up, up, and away all the time. To illustrate just how expensive it is to be a superhero Emil Lendof put together a series of infographics showing the cash you'll need now compared to to be the likes of Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and the Hulk compared to when each character was first introduced. Batman is the most expensive coming in at nearly US$135 million today, and Superman is the cheapest at $29,434. In 1939, Batman's expenses came in at $10,253 and Superman's at $994, which apparently means Kryptonians are fine with a frugal lifestyle.


Check It Out: Being a Super Hero Isn’t Cheap

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Imagine the Hulk in Spandex. (With extra gussets in the pants)

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