Bob Mansfield Can and Did Write His Own Ticket at Apple, Report

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Bob Mansfield is liked, loved, and respected at Apple, and there's nothing to read between the lines in his recent removal from Apple's list of executives. This, according to John Gruber, who discussed the issue with unnamed folks at Apple. Mr. Mansfield made headlines this weekend when he disappeared from Apple's executive list, and Apple went on to say that the engineering veteran was now heading up special projects for the company. Mr. Gruber said that, "After talking to a few more people, the impression I’m left with is that Mansfield has been so successful and remains so popular, he can write his own ticket. And this is the ticket he’s written." Great to know!


Check It Out: Bob Mansfield Can and Did Write His Own Ticket at Apple, Report

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Lee Dronick

Hmmmm, working on special stuff, I wonder when will find out what’s up.


“I wonder when will find out what’s up.”

Like you find out what’s up with everything else.
When it’s obsolete.

Lee Dronick

Please Jack, I am more cutting edge than that! smile


Like the post’s category: ” Cool Stuff Found”


Lee ~ My comment wasn’t meant to imply that you are slow, but that that the flow of info from Apple is so tight, that by the time we learn about new product, they are already working on two generations past that.

Lee Dronick

No problem Jack, that is why I included the smiley face.


My understanding is that Mansfield is a very key player at Apple. Here’s hoping he doesn’t write his own ticket out the door in the near-distant future.

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