Cider Commercial Showcases Another Kind of Apple Store

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Oh man, this is bloody genius! The Somersby Cider Company has released a commercial that spoofs Apple's retail stores, and it's totally awesome. The company set up "Somersby Store" that looks like an Apple Store. It features tables of apples and apple cider, complete with people queued up, store employees to greet them, a Genius Bar, and more. Customer holds up a glass of cider and asks, "Is it wireless?" Employee waves his arm around the glass, and says,  "Yeah yeah yeah, completely wireless." It's funny, and if you're wondering, it's respectful of the Apple Store experience, rather than mocking. Oh heck, watch it for yourself!


Check It Out: Cider Commercial Showcases Another Kind of Apple Store

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very funny Samsung… grin


Many thanks, Bryan.

A much needed break and a laugh amidst the day’s workflow.

And yet another indicator of the mindshare that Apple have in the global marketplace. Only posterity will be able to fully appreciate and articulate the extent to which this one company has transformed the way we work, play and conduct business.


It’s very well done. I do like a pint of Scrumpy, err, Somersby.

Lee Dronick

And works great in direct sunlight


Lee - I loved that line, also

... and interface

I’ve downloaded?

I guess you download enough and you will be loaded!


What a hoot.  The Brits really know how to take the piss, without being offensive.

Bryan Chaffin

Agreed, iJack!

And wab95, when I can brighten your day, that’s a good day for me. You’re doing some awesome work, and giving you a reason to laugh makes me happy. smile


Many thanks, Bryan.

In that case, just keep the ACMs coming; a real treat during down-time in far away places. Great to see them back!

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