Coin is Disruptive, Polarizing...and Awesome

Earlier today, Coin announced the pre-sale of their upcoming credit-card consolidation device. Shaped to be the size (and thickness) of a credit card, Coin is actually a battery-operated, low-energy Bluetooth device onto which you can store up to eight (8) different credit cards (its companion iPhone app can store the rest of your cards if you have more than eight). When you're ready to make a purchase you select which card you'd like Coin to become, and the mag stripe on Coin spits out the info from your selected card. Simple premise, and you get to carry just one card instead of eight. Cool Stuff Found, indeed. I ordered one. But what impressed me more was just how many people stood up and found all the reasons Coin wouldn't work. That's my metric for something that's bound to be a success, and this one tweet stream is enough to convince me these folks have a winner on their hands. Cool, indeed!

Check It Out: Coin is Disruptive, Polarizing...and Awesome