Dave Hamilton Discusses Apple’s iPhone 5s on Bloomberg TV

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Our own Dave Hamilton was interviewed on Bloomberg TV Tuesday as part of a three person panel discussing Apple's iPhone 5s and 5c media event. Host Pimm Fox had his guests explain the importance (or lack thereof) of Apple's product announcements. You may particularly enjoy Dave taking issue with Ashley Swartz of Furious Minds (she formerly managed Samsung's digital marketing strategy for Digitas) when she said that Apple was a one-trick pony and a typical consumer electronics company. It's a fun  discussion.


Check It Out: Dave Hamilton Discusses Apple’s iPhone 5s on Bloomberg TV

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Dr Will

A former Samsung employee calling Apple a one trick pony? Did I hear right?
Samsung is certainly a one trick pony. A copy-pony.

Bryan Chaffin

Dr Will, note that I had the specifics of her Samsung affiliation incorrect. She managed Samsung’s digital marketing strategy for Digitas, but wasn’t a direct employee.

My apologies for that, though the gist of your question is still relevant.


Good job Dave not lowering yourself in your response. Journalism is always at its lowest point when, like a couple of 8 year olds, they find two things and put them in a box to make them fight. There was zero substance to her statements, and if the Bloomberg guy went ahead and talked about the domination of iOS devices and software, it would have made her look even sillier. Rock on MacObserver smile

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