Focusrite Ships Free ‘Tape’ Recording App for iPad

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A few weeks ago, I told you about iTrack Studio from Focusrite, a "studio in a box" package that includes a microphone, an audio input for Mac, iPhone, or iPad, and a set of studio headphones. On Monday Focusrite shipped Tape, a free recording app designed to work with iTrack Studio, though it is iPad-only. Tape uses a reel-to-reel metaphor to allow you to record one or two inputs at a time, or combine them into a stereo recording. While the app is focused on two-track recording, it has several advanced features, such as support for Core Audio-compliant interfaces, low-latency monitoring, mastering effects, a metronome (not advanced, per se, but handy), and support for Soundcloud custom tiles. As noted above, it's free.


Check It Out: Focusrite Ships Free ‘Tape’ Recording App for iPad

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This seems to be for iPad only. It’s not showing up in the app store on my 4S.

Bryan Chaffin

Hey Flip, it’s iPad-only. I missed that before, but I have edited the article to reflect this. Thanks for the note!

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