Google’s Nexus 6P Easily Scratched and Bent in Video Test

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YouTuber JerryRigEverything has published a damage test of Google's new Nexus 6P Android smartphone, and the results aren't pretty. He found the screen scratches fairly easily using a set of Mohs Hardness Scale picks; a heat test discolored the display; the screen cracked from the scratch test; and device bent remarkably easily. It's a surprising result for one of Google's flagship Nexus devices considering they're usually best-in-Android-class, and it emphasizes that "bendgate" problems can happen to any device maker (Chinese firm Huawei makes the Nexus 6P). For bonus points, stroll through the comments on YouTube for the Android fanboys who completely discount the tests as flawed, rigged, irrelevant, biased, and faked, even though JerryRigEverything has been testing devices from both Apple and the Android ecosystem for some time.

Check It Out: Google’s Nexus 6P Easily Scratched and Bent in Video Test

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You mention that “sand is a level 9” on the Mohs scale.  It’s actually worse than that - most sand (the hardest stuff) is comprised of quartz, and quartz is a level 7.  There are some sands that can have harder minerals in them, but quartz would be the primary culprit.


Again, why can’t the “leaders” here act like they’ve been in the end zone before? If you check the same test of the iPhone 6s the first test - the razor and sandpaper scratches the crap out of the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy is unscathed - and it goes from there. I guess the Sheeple pick their battles, huh? Asus I believe makes the Nexus 7 and Apple still has ZERO answer for that fantastic luxurious piece of computing. This 6p uses Gorilla Glass - sound familiar?? But it sounds like they should’ve let Asus make it. Still, check the iPhone 6s reviews on YT - it’s not great either. And of course maybe there’s some jealousy here over Marshmallow just killing iOS - again check the compos on YT.


The video was a hoax. It’s been pretty thoroughly debunked at this point. Multiple bend tests have confirmed this one was a fluke, caused by all the damage he had already done to the phone before bending it. An intact Nexus 6p is extremely difficult to bend.


LOL, this is the price you pay to get that ‘pure’ android feeling without samdung’s (or other’s) android ‘enhancements’!! The OS works great, but you have to baby the heck out of the phone!!

Of course, I say this as I coddle my iPhone 6 Plus right now!! I love the size, but even after a year I feel like I could drop it at any time!!

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