HBO Dramatizes Life in ‘Silicon Valley’

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HBO has a trailer out for a new series called Silicon Valley that dramatizes the life of nerdy brainiacs and the startup culture in Bay Area. Being about Silicon Valley, the trailer includes a mention of Steve Jobs. We won't spoil it for you, but it's sure to elicit either a chuckle or a growl, depending on your mood. The show premiers in April on HBO. And remember, I know H.T.M.L.


Check It Out: HBO Dramatizes Life in ‘Silicon Valley’

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This has got some of my favorite actors in it. I might have to get HBO now. Or wait until it’s on DVD and get it from the library 2 blocks from my house.


Puleeeze!  Sorry folks.  Been there, done that.  Nothing in the trailer bears any resemblance to the SV that I know…

Nonetheless, if you’d like HBO to spin a yarn that reinforces what THEY think that you think SV is all about, go ahead and watch this show - but for entertainment purposes only.

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