iPhone Apple Store App Offers Free Christmas Music

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The iPhone version of the Apple Store app has a fun surprise for the holiday season: a free Christmas music sampler. The sampler list includes Ave Maria by II Vollo, Kelly Clarkson singing Silent Night, The Christmas Song from Kool and the Gang, and more. To find the free music offer, just launch the Apple Store app, and scroll down to the "Holiday Cheer" section. You need to be in the United States to take advantage of the offer, and it only appears in the iPhone version of the Apple Store app.


Check It Out: iPhone Apple Store App Offers Free Christmas Music

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Bah, humbug! I sure had NO luck locating the Holiday Playlist file via the iPhone Apple Store App. I did not locate it following the directions above, nor could I find it through the search box. Was it pulled??


Could not find it either.

Jeff Gamet

It’s there, or at least I’m still seeing it. Scroll all the way to the bottom, way past the usual categories, beyond the “Top Gifts” and “Exclusives” sections, and even past the “Upgrade your iPhone” section. It’s the second to last option just before “Faster shopping on the go.”


Yes. I was looking in the App Store instead of the Apple Store.


Worked for me after updating Apple Store app, scrolling down to Holiday Cheer…pressing Enter for the preloaded Redemption code, then Done. Then all 8 songs downloaded one after another—no cherry picking.

I think that’s all the steps.

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