Ay Caramba! It’s LEGO Simpsons Minifigs

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LEGO has released a series of Simpsons minifigs in the “blind box” format, where the packaging completely obscures the figure inside and it’s a surprise which figure you actually receive. I think the accessories are a nice touch: Ned’s “I (heart) Southpaws” mug, Grandpa’s newspaper with the headline “Old Man Yells At Cloud,” and Ralph Wiggum’s valentine card are clever references to the show. What I can find about the minifigs says they’ll be available at “all mass toy retailers,” so if you don’t have a LEGO store in your area it shouldn’t prevent you from being able to go squeeze packages looking for Bart’s skateboard or Lisa’s saxophone. If you're excited about the coming LEGO Simpsons episode (trailer below), you'll want to check out the minifigs too.


Check It Out: Ay Caramba! It’s LEGO Simpsons Minifigs

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I love TMO and almost all its articles, but could you guys please stick to, ya know, Mac stuff? I like reading about Legos and such, but that’s not why I read TMO. I read TMO for Mac articles (as the name would imply), and getting articles about Legos instead is rather… obnoxious, let us say.

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