Logitech Unveils the ‘Ultrathin Touch Mouse T631’

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Logitech has introduced the "Ultrathin Touch Mouse T631," a slim mouse with some great lines. The top of the device is a touch surface that works like a trackpad with multitouch gesture control. Cool, eh? It's a Bluetooth mouse that also lets you connect to multiple devices at once, and to toggle between which device you are actively controlling. That will be handy for some folks. Lastly, Logitech is touting a "Quick Charge" ability where just one minute of charging gives you an hour of use. (On a full charge, it's good for 10 days.) That's definitely cool. It's priced at US$69.99 for preorder, with free shipping. The video below has a touch more marketing speak than I'll usually feature in a Cool Stuff Found, but there are some good product shots and useful information in it, too.


Check It Out: Logitech Unveils the ‘Ultrathin Touch Mouse T631’

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Khaled Mourad

why mentioning the Black T630 for Windows and not the White T631 for the Mac?

Bryan Chaffin

Great question, Khaled! They both support Windows and OS X (according to their specifications), but since the T631 is branded for the Mac, that’s the one for us to point to. I edited the article accordingly, and appreciate the note. smile

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