Maelstrom 3.0, (Still) Free for OS X

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When's the last time you played Ambrosia's Maelstrom? That's too long, and we are cruel enough to point out that you can fix that right now. This classic Mac OS Asteroids take was all the rage back in the day, and if you're looking for some old-school kicks, it's still a ton of fun. It was released under a GPL license some time ago, and from there it was ported OS X, Linux, BeOS, and Windows. We found that that the OS X download ran under Mountain Lion just fine. All of which means that you can once again while away a few hours, days, or weeks of your life. You're welcome.


Check It Out: Maelstrom 3.0, (Still) Free for OS X

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Lets see… I’m going to go with 1998 when I mostly retired my IIsi. I’m quite positive I discovered Maelstrom (and many other games) on a MacAddict CD.

BTW, it looks like the site has been “Mac Observed”, since the server isn’t responding. wink


Yep… still down.
The last copy I have of 3.06 doesn’t work. It says universal binary, but apparently only works with Leopard which I still have on a partition somewhere. Maybe it works on Snow Leopard.
This must be an update if it works on Mountain Lion.


It seemed to have problems with 10.8.3


Fantastic… works on my new iMac… very grainy but awesome.
Thanks whoever recompiled it to work on Mountain Lion.


I am on 10.8.3 and it works nicely.
What problems are you having geoduck.

Bryan Chaffin

I downloaded version 3.0.6 today and have been running it just fine on 10.8.3.


Thanks for this Bryan.
I first played this game on Slackware Linux way back in the mid nineties. It stayed with me from redhat to mandrake and beyond. I have always had it on my machines until about my ppc with leopard. It is nice to have it back.

Bryan Chaffin

Glad it resonated with some folks. But truth is that MacCast’s Adam Christianson was the one who pointed me to this today. He thought it was be a great Cool Stuff Found mention, and he was right. smile


After messing around with it for a bit I found that the play works fine. The option to reset controls (which I went into to figure out what buttons to push) won’t close. I had to force quit Maelstrom to get out of it. Also I have to reset Security and Privacy to allow programs from anywhere or Maelstrom gets blocked.

Other than that it’s nice to play the old game again. Love the sounds. Now I want to see a port of Escape Velocity.


Oh man…. I loved that game… i remember playing that on apple LCIII’s, 475s and Performas back in the late 90s

I think everyone got that game from macaddict or some CD at the time


This reminds me of another game I played back in the 90s I would love to see available…. Mortal Pong Bat

Adam Christianson

Glad to see I’m not the only one who is nostalgic for this old game. I keep actually hoping this will get ported and show up for iOS.

Thanks whoever recompiled it to work on Mountain Lion.

We can thank Sam Lantinga, a lead developer from Blizzard, for the port.


Awesome!  Pure awesomeness.  Love to see it updated with better graphics, but its still a ton of fun!  My sister’s boyfriend used to play this on her computer in college, put a bunch of high scores on there, then I’d visit and beat them.  Annoyed him big time.  grin  Fun memories!


Super Exciting. A couple days ago I upgraded to Yosemite from Mountain Lion.
I was going through all my old software, but Maelstrom was not working.

Thanks to this thread i decided to re-download and test it.
Maelstrom 3.0.6 works on Yosemite 10.10.1

It opens into Full screen which makes it a bit grainy, but it is really nice to have .... like and old friend.

Bryan Chaffin

Time for an update, then, paikinho. smile

Thanks for the heads up!

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