Matt Gemmell’s List of Keyboard Commands

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I started on computers a long time ago, when they were much bigger and I was much littler. Back then, it was a long way from the giant (clacky) keyboard to the mouse, so discovering I could do those things with a keyboard made things faster when “fast” wasn’t a very accurate description of the computer experience. As time went on, input devices got more accurate and convenient, but muscle memory kept me using keyboard commands. Some of the basic commands are easy to pick up and can shave time off of repetitive tasks, and Matt Gemmell has compiled a list of keyboard commands that is a nice reference for people who aren’t yet well versed in the dark art of keyboard magic. Check out the list and see what you can use to whip some workflows into shape, and while you're at it, you should check out the piece Sandro Cuccia wrote for TMO about getting the most from the Option key.


Check It Out: Matt Gemmell’s List of Keyboard Commands

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