OWC Announces ThunderBay IV, 4 Bays of Thunderbolt Storage

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Other World Computing announced the ThunderBay IV on Thursday, a thunderbolt enclosure with four bays for either hard drives or SSDs. It supports RAID 0 and 1 out of the box in OS X, and RAID 5 in Windows 7 and 8. You can arrange the drives in multiple RAID sets, which is stupid cool, and you can also daisy chain five additional Thunderbolt devices plus a Thunderbolt display off of the dual Thunderbolt ports. It starts at US$494.99 for just the enclosure, with storage options up to 16TB of hard drive storage or 4TB of SSD. [UPDATE: This article was updated to clarify RAID support for the device based on a clarification from OWC.]


Check It Out: OWC Announces ThunderBay IV, 4 Bays of Thunderbolt Storage

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I just talked to OWC and this product does Not support RAID-5 out of the box. It is only capable of software RAID sets as it does not have a hardware RAID controller. I was told by OWC that a program like SoftRaid would be required to use it as a RAID-5 enclosure but that’s an extra $130… which makes price much closer to the Promise 4-bay enclosures since they do have RAID 5 out of the box. (If you are looking for a RAID-5 solution.)



Why can’t OWC offer just single Thunderbolt enclosures like they do with their Firewire enclosures.  The Raid option makes using Thunderbolt too expensive for average consumers.

Gary Dauphin

@Andywrld OWC does not manufacture this device, they rebrand an OEM product that is manufactured overseas.  The only way they could get a version made with specific specs would be to put in a commitment to buy XX number of units built specifically for them, and it appears they are unwilling, or simply uninterested.

Bryan Chaffin

matt321, I’ve asked for clarification on this, but because of the semi-holiday weekend, I probably won’t have an answer until Monday. I’ll update/correct the article when I do.

Bryan Chaffin

I got clarification back from OWC and updated the article.  Thanks for the note, matt321!

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