Pavilion Wireless Speaker Speaker on Kickstarter

Check out the Pavilion speaker on Kickstarter. I have no idea what they sound like in person, but they look awesome. The base is made from a high-density concrete for stability and to minimize vibration. The copper pipe that looks like a spring, "boosts the bass frequencies by the principles of acoustic resonance." It's wireless, and is designed to be used singly or in pairs for stereo. I'm hoping to get to test a pair, and I'm also hoping they sound as good as they look. The company has 4 days left in its Kickstarter campaign, and it's raised US$55,000 of its $70,000 goal. There are still early-bird funding levels available that will get a single Pavilion for $229. The video below is light on substance, but is a lot of fun. There are more substantive videos and technical information on the Kickstarter listing.

Check It Out: Pavilion Wireless Speaker Speaker on Kickstarter